Last weekend we got the “official” notice that our account for Best Buy had been sold to Citibank

by jenadmin .

well duhhh, I knew that about 3 months ago. It stated in big letters our account would stay the same as far as minimums due and interest rate for now. But down in the fine print it basically said Citibank could change the interest rate at their whim. This of course encouraged us to pay even faster on the BB card because at 8.9% it’s way higher than anything else we have and it was our pet snowball bill anyway.
About 3 weeks ago I started paying on the bill twice a week as money came in from little places here and there. Most of the payments are of decent size, but today’s was only going to be $10. I’m waaaaaay ahead of the minimum monthly due and imagaine my surprise when I went to pay online and they told me “NO” you’ve already paid 5 times this billing period and you can’t do any more until after your statement cuts off on Dec. 3!” Yeah right, like I’m going to stand for that when they are threatening to jump my rate and interest is compounded daily and figured on an average daily balance. Even if I can only pay $10 today, there are still three other payments (payday loans online) I want to make between now and the third that come to much more.
So I called them, it takes longer to do, but I paid via phone for free. They can run, but they can’t hide. This gazelle is chasing the cheetah!my loan
I figure they do that 5 transaction cut off to slow people down on making the payments who are trying to pay them off like I am. Gotcha! It won’t work, I WILL be free of BB by Christmas if it kills me!