First of all

by jenadmin .

you do not have to show the house every single time a realtor calls you. I’ve been through this, and to be honest, they can be rude and persitent. They are not always showing your house because they think their clients are necessarily interested in your home, but merely because they want to compare your home to another house they think is actually a more favorable house for their clients. So, realize, you can say no, and you should say no if it’s not convenient, but suggest a time that’s more convenient for you and your family. Next, you do not have to buy a trailer and move your family into it. It’s kind of nutty to tell you the truth considering all you’ve got going on. I understand your desire to make this an easy transition, but really, open houses are NOT every weekend. Again, you have the power here. You can say “yes” and you can say “ummm, this isn’t a convenient time, but I’d be happy to have the house available for you xyz…” Whenever you deem xyz to be, then load the family up and go to the zoo or the movies or whatever. You have too much going on. It sounds as if Sunshine needs a lot of extra care so put your family first and let the realtors work around your schedule. Don’t stress out so much about this that it’s going to affect your family. Most people who look at homes realize a family lives in it. Just keep it clean, minimize the clutter, and just go with the flow, and pray… :0) Oh yes, my last house has about a half a dozen St. Josephs buried upside down all over the property. I can’t attest to whether or not he really works, but I do feel guilty that I’ve no idea where a single one of him actually is buried, so I’ve not been able to retrieve any of them (ditto for my second to the last home. Poor St. Joseph!). You might want to give him a go, but be a better homeowner than me, and for goodness sake, please dig the poor statue up when you sell the home rather than leave him forgotten, buried upside down in the dirt as I have a history of doing (and truly feel quite guilty about).