I have to admit, I’m smiling here

by jenadmin .

Only because either me or my brother had most of those same conversations with our folks when we grew up, and got pretty much the same answer. We both turned out. I’m here on the list because I still hadn’t learned some lessons about managing money, but at least by the time I got here I’d figured out it was my doing, not because my Mean Parents deprived me back in the day. My bro is doing quite well financially, despite some even harsher Mean Parent Moments in that regard. And yea, we know now that our parents did the right thing back then. Hard to admit it back then, of course. A young person’s pride being what it is. Glad she’s still in school, hope she sorts some things out, and here’s to sticking to your preferences for how that money is, or isn’t spent.

I’ve started and restarted this thread a half dozen times…not sure why!

by jenadmin .

Ok, so we have 7 kiddos (and 2 cats and a small tortoise) and currently in a 1500sqft house. We desire to sell and buy something with more land. But with several children with varying special needs, including severe anxiety and having difficulty with adjustments/change. We are concerned about what selling the house while living here would do to them. I can’t just get up and go whenever someone wants to come look. I know that’s etiquette but with our family its just not possible.

We are thinking of selling our popup and buying a larger RV trailer (bunkhouse style). My thought was to live in it while selling the house (and have everything in storage). My husband says to just live in it while folks are looking at the house? He’s clueless as to the house selling process. We can’t do open houses every single weekend…And we can’t run off to go camping because someone randomly wants to take up an hour or so on some random night during the week. He’s still not understanding my point.

Any suggestions or ideas? I really do get concerned about living here while trying to sell this place. We have no way of “staging it” while still living here with all our stuff and 7 children! And the inability to just jump and leave when folks want to see the house is going to cause a problem.

Help me think this through….the need is selling the house somehow (next year?) while NOT living here…with a new(er) RV…Maybe I’m just going crazy and asking too much!