I can’t imagine what it’s like in your household with so many kids but I am sure it’s a wonderful kind of crazy!

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We sold and bought a house about 18 months ago. I didn’t have a lot of kids to deal with but 3 aging, think geriatric, pets to deal with. We followed DR’s advice about getting the pets out, to help sell but also to cut down on them getting let let out accidentally and to prevent bites and/or scratches (2 cats and a dog). We had to kennel up the cats … not easy as all while your hands and arms are getting scratched up. The dog just had to be leashed but was hard no him too. The dog and one of the cats was about 17 or 18 years old, so very much like a 90 year old person.

Our agent is/was top notch. She always scheduled an appointment, no “drop by and let’s see what happens” kind of thing. She knew the pets were an issue and agreed that getting them out for showings was the best idea. It worked okay for us. We were always given enough time to load up and get away from the house.

We never had an open house for the public. The only one we had was for the agent’s real estate firm. I think we just put the cats in their kennels and the dog in the fenced yard. Not sure where the cat’s kennels were put? It was only a couple of hours though.

Our agent was top notch, as I said. She took very good pictures of all the rooms. One week from the date the pictures and our listing went live on the web we sold our house!

We did do a LOT of decluttering to the point if renting a 10×10 ft storage unit. We did touch ups such as touching up paint, fixing some boards on the porch and repainting it, putting in brighter light bulbs, cleaning windows, etc. None of it was very expensive but I believe it helped sell the house.

Every day I swiffered the floors primarily because of the pet fur. I kept laundry done so the hampers were not full of dirty clothes. We prepped by wiping down blinds and keeping the cat box scooped, etc. While we did not have a showing every day, I got up and prepared as if we were going to have one. That way it was easier to get out of the house if we did get the call.

You wrote about decluttering. I believe this will help sell your house & it won’t cost you a dime. We used to have a good bit of clutter. Our decluttering actually started when we moved into the house we just sold. A decluttered house looks bigger, cleaner, and allows “breathing room” so to speak.

We did not have a garage sale for several reasons. One, I hate doing them and that is the biggest reason. We asked ourselves several questions:


2) Do I have a “home” for this (place to store it)?

3) Do I have something else that can save the same purpose?

4) If I get rid of it, could I easily replace it if I need to later? IOW, easily replace it financially, find one, etc.?

5) Does it still work & is it in good condition? It doesn’t have to be in perfect condition to keep but must be in good condition. Take socks for example …. they may not be faded but the heels may be worn. This means the condition is not good enough to be kept. This is just one simple example.

Hope this helps and best wishes in getting it all done.

I think ya’ll are right..

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plus the thought of dropping $25000 on an RV seems silly when I’d rather spend it on property! I don’t want to be mortgaged to the hilt! We have a loan on the van and I really don’t want to have another one going (2 house loans plus the van is more than enough). The message I’m getting in all this is that we will need to find the most amazing realtor out there! Someone with tons of recent sales who is willing to do the work to get our place sold as quickly as possible. We’re looking at maybe next year for that. So my goal is to get the house purged of all extra stuff this year!

Jolene (who still dreams of odd things like RV living, short term missions trips, and other travel dreams that will not happen because its not the right thing for my family…but maybe when I’m retired?)

I have to admit, I’m smiling here

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Only because either me or my brother had most of those same conversations with our folks when we grew up, and got pretty much the same answer. We both turned out. I’m here on the list because I still hadn’t learned some lessons about managing money, but at least by the time I got here I’d figured out it was my doing, not because my Mean Parents deprived me back in the day. My bro is doing quite well financially, despite some even harsher Mean Parent Moments in that regard. And yea, we know now that our parents did the right thing back then. Hard to admit it back then, of course. A young person’s pride being what it is. Glad she’s still in school, hope she sorts some things out, and here’s to sticking to your preferences for how that money is, or isn’t spent.

I’ve started and restarted this thread a half dozen times…not sure why!

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Ok, so we have 7 kiddos (and 2 cats and a small tortoise) and currently in a 1500sqft house. We desire to sell and buy something with more land. But with several children with varying special needs, including severe anxiety and having difficulty with adjustments/change. We are concerned about what selling the house while living here would do to them. I can’t just get up and go whenever someone wants to come look. I know that’s etiquette but with our family its just not possible.

We are thinking of selling our popup and buying a larger RV trailer (bunkhouse style). My thought was to live in it while selling the house (and have everything in storage). My husband says to just live in it while folks are looking at the house? He’s clueless as to the house selling process. We can’t do open houses every single weekend…And we can’t run off to go camping because someone randomly wants to take up an hour or so on some random night during the week. He’s still not understanding my point.

Any suggestions or ideas? I really do get concerned about living here while trying to sell this place. We have no way of “staging it” while still living here with all our stuff and 7 children! And the inability to just jump and leave when folks want to see the house is going to cause a problem.

Help me think this through….the need is selling the house somehow (next year?) while NOT living here…with a new(er) RV…Maybe I’m just going crazy and asking too much!