She’s in school still – for the remainder of the semester at least

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She has about 3 weeks to go. I guess she’s attending class, or that is the informationshe’s telling her father and I. She still lives with the boy/man whatever….She’s working, he is not. She has managed to pay March and April’s rent and put gas in her car (which he’s driving everywhere). I imagine she’s managed to pay other household bills and food. I’ve washed my hands of it.

She does want her college fund though – I’m sure to help her pay bills and such, but MY money is earmarked for her college or it can go back into my account for my purposes 🙂 She’s not too happy that she has been unable to convince her father or I to just fork it over. She is of the opinion its her money and since we don’t agree with her choice we are withholding it from her. She stopped talking to us for a few weeks….its been peaceful 🙂 She did text on Monday… so she’s fine, and I suppose learning to be a grown up!

Yep, not Wal-mart’s fault at all, but it is one of the reasons I don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart

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We seem to have a lot of “I’m just an older friend, parents” in this area.
True story: My kids call me the “Magnificient Mommy Monster” for numerous reasons. They were raised to the terms of please and thank you, do as you are told, and respect your elders. Misbehave in a public place and you would be asked “do you want to go to the car?” and of course they did not. We did not beat our children, but they were both spanked about 3 times in their lives. We handed out sweat labor (chores they detested and had to do until they did them right). My kids would have never even dreamed of running and screaming around a restaurant of any type, fast food or sit down. Both know the proper forks to use, no elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed etc. And quite frankly at times they thought I was the meanest mom in the world because of the these rules.
It all was made worth it one day when we were in a fast food restaurant and the kids were both teenagers. I had gone to get our condiments, napkins etc as they sat at the table near some very unruly children. When I got back they had their heads together talking. When I asked what was going on one of them looked at me and said “Mom, we use to think you were so mean because you made us sit quietly in a restaurant, but now we understand WHY you did it. It was because you love us and respect the rights of others, unlike those kids parents.”

All bills you are paying as part of the snowball

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and those that are not part of the snowball (utilities, life insurance, etc.), are included in the zero based budget. Even the mortgage is included in the zero-based budget. The mortgage is not included in the snowball calculator, to my understanding.