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She’s in school still – for the remainder of the semester at least

by jenadmin .

She has about 3 weeks to go. I guess she’s attending class, or that is the informationshe’s telling her father and I. She still lives with the boy/man whatever….She’s working, he is not. She has managed to pay March and April’s rent and put gas in her car (which he’s driving everywhere). I imagine she’s managed to pay other household bills and food. I’ve washed my hands of it.

She does want her college fund though – I’m sure to help her pay bills and such, but MY money is earmarked for her college or it can go back into my account for my purposes 🙂 She’s not too happy that she has been unable to convince her father or I to just fork it over. She is of the opinion its her money and since we don’t agree with her choice we are withholding it from her. She stopped talking to us for a few weeks….its been peaceful 🙂 She did text on Monday… so she’s fine, and I suppose learning to be a grown up!