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On the subject of complimenting well behaved children

by jenadmin .

All three of us are quick to do that. One of our favorite things to do is when we go to WDW. You will quickly see the best and worst of child behavior there.

Prior to going I will go to $1 tree and purchase several glow in the dark necklaces and similar items. These I take to WDW with us—they sell them for a ghastly price there, so the trip to $1 tree prior makes this a less expensive reward.

Once there during the day we often see the same children over and over because crowds tend to move in the same direction during the park hours. Then right at dark we approach the PARENTS of children we’ve noticed have been well behaved throughout the day. Trust me after you have stood in line with hundreds of kids you will notice the good ones fast. We tell the parents we have been impressed by the child’s good behavior and would like to give them a small reward. We NEVER approach the child. Then we give the parent the glow in the dark item for the child to have. The look on the parent’s and children’s faces is priceless. We often see the child later that night or even the next morning wearing their glow in the dark treasure with a big smile on their face.

This is particularly great when we are there during the Christmas holiday season, because many children are certain dh is Santa Claus (we dress him in a lot of red then). It’s a fun and simple way to compliment both the parents and the children.

On that same front, the holiday season is also a good time for dh to discipline unruly children without saying a word. He will shake his head at them and take out a small notepad and pencil. You’d be surprised how quick those brats settle down when they think Santa is putting them on the naughty list. LOL!

Undisciplined children made me retire from teaching

by jenadmin .

There are other ways of discipline besides spanking as you indicated, and parents who abdicate their responsibility to discipline, just because they are against spanking, give me great pause.

I gladly wear the title of “mean mommy”, she says that now, in the fact that I won’t write her a check for what she terms “HER educational fund” but this too will pass. She is a well behaved, well spoken and I never had a problem taking her out in public and wondering if she was going to turn rogue in the process. I think what she disliked most and what got her attention the quickest was when she would act out in public. I believed in where you did the crime, you did the time. She HATED the great unknown of how discipline was going to be metered if she misbehaved in a restaurant or in a store, or in church etc. She also wasn’t keen on the “village concept” and the fact that others who I left her in their care could discipline her AND tell me about her indiscretion for another punishment of my choosing. She once mentioned: “Is there anybody you don’t know?”

The schoolteacher in me, will make me comment to other parents when I’m out and about in reference to their children. I’m quick to tell a parent that their children are well behaved and how nice it is to see mannerable children, and I’m just as quick to tell them otherwise.